Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Bunch of Random Stuff

Brad left for Israel last Wednesday. We ate lunch at Newk's before he left. You can see what Camden thought about Daddy leaving for 10 days. Boo!
After lunch Cam & I checked out the Dollar Tree. Cam scored a giant hammer & a fireman's hat. The hammer has already been on many adventures, including a trip to Atlanta. The doorman at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead were most impressed with Little Man's Giant Hammer.
Dad, Camden & I tried out the new wing place in town. Cajun Crazy Wings, or something like that. I'll tell you what was crazy - they didn't have any highchairs! Since Dad drove, I didn't have a stroller, either. We decided to try it anyway and Camden sat on my lap. He was really good! He stayed in my lap for almost an hour. The food was super slow coming out, so eventually he grew bored and wanted to play on the floor. He kept making a beeline for the kitchen. He had been watching all the waitress go in there and I guess he wanted to know where they kept disappearing to. He was such a flirt, too! He got every single waitress to hold him while we were there. Of course, they thought he was the cutest thing ever.
After lunch, Dad & I took turns going in the battery store next door while the other entertained Camden in the car. He was fascinated with the door lock for awhile. Then he wanted to climb all over the driver's seat and grabbed everything from the rearview mirror to the gear shift.
After a 4 hour car ride to Atlanta, we let Cam crawl around the front seat of my car at a stop. He somehow managed to turn on the windshield wipers self wash cycle. He thought that was the funniest thing when the wiper would come up and water would shoot out. He kept trying to catch the water!
Brad taught Cam Cam how to clap his two favorite puzzle pieces (the cat and the dog) together to make noise. 

Cam primarily crawls on all fours now. He still reverts to the army crawl if he is crawling a long way or trying to get somewhere really fast. He still always go straight for the camera, too.

Cam is finally getting the hang of riding on his toys. He prefers to sit on the ground and play with them, but as his balance gets steadier is he more eager to ride on them.
So that was a bunch of random pictures and videos from last week. In my next post I will show you our big adventure to Atlanta.

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