Saturday, September 5, 2009

It's Diptastic!

Those of you who know me personally can attest to my atrocious cooking skills. I can’t cook dinner unless it comes in a plastic container and goes in the microwave. Ironic that I own a meal provider company, huh? Anyway, while I can barely boil a pot of water, all my friends will attest to the fact that I can make a mean appetizer spread. If it goes in a crock pot or involves the basic food groups, Velveeta & cream cheese, then I can make it into a delicious dip. So in honor of BooMama’s  DiptTacular Mr. Linky post today, I will share a few of my favorite dip recipes with you. You’re welcome. I wish I had all the ingredients on hand so I could take some awesome pictures for you, but I don’t. So instead I will thrill you with old school pictures of me.

Melissa’s Sonora Bean Dip (Yes, I renamed it after myself. I am that vain.)

I first had this bean dip  about 8 years ago. Back in my former life as a drug rep, 

my coworker Lisa brought this dip to a Christmas party. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I pretty much ate the entire dish my self, and we’re talking about a 9x13 casserole dish. I promptly got the recipe from Lisa, and then proceeded to change it up and make it my own. I turned all of my friends onto this divine  bean dip. Even though they all have the recipe and have made it themselves, they still request demand I bring it to every get-together. I think the secret is to use an electric mixer to blend it all together. No hand stirring! Here is the original recipe:

And Here is my version:

Melissa's Sonorra Bean Dip

16 oz Sour Cream - Full Fat - no lite or Fat Free!

2 blocks of Cream Cheese - store brand is fine, but again, Full Fat!

2 cans refried beans or 1 larger (40oz?) can - fat free is okay here

1 packet of taco seasoning

2 - 4 cups (or more!) shredded mexican cheese blend - Don’t skimp!

Mix together the sour cream, cream cheese, beans & taco seasoning. Use a handheld or stand electric mixer. Trust me when I say no hand mixing. It’s too much work and it will never mix evenly anyway. Pour in a 9x13 casserole dish. Spray it with Pam first if you can remember. I always forget. Then top generously with all the shredded cheese. The more the better! Cover and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. Uncover and bake for 5 more minutes. Dig in! So simple and yet so delicious. This is honestly the ONLY recipe I know by heart. 

Here is a picture of all my Merck coworkers and their families at that Christmas party. I think this was in 2001 or 2002. Look how skinny I was! Oh to be that young and thin again!

Another dip that I love to make is from my good friend Susan. We met way back in ’97 when we started working for Bradley Pharmaceuticals together. We actually interviewed for the same position, but the hiring folks liked us both so much they created another territory for me. I really wanted to move to Birmingham, but I guess it’s good I didn’t because I met my husband 3 weeks later. In Huntsville. In a bar, if you must know. Taco Mac. I think we had been dating a couple of months in this picture:

I totally love that Brad is drinking a flavored Zima & wearing a braided belt in this picture! Anyway, back to the point. After Susan & I were hired, we attended a 3 day training session in Cropwell, AL. If you’re wondering where the heck that is, I’ll tell you; it’s in the middle of nowhere. Susan and I bonded over PI’s and PPI’s for decongestants and dermatology products. We sure used to have fun on company voicemail! She made this dip for me in 2006 when I was visiting with her. I made this at home a few months later when I was about 6 months pregnant (and huge) and dropped it on the kitchen floor. What a mess! I cried I was so frustrated & hormonal. Here's a picture of Brad, me, Susan & her husband Sam at Howl At The Moon in Ft. Walton in Sept. '99. I love that I had used a red eye photo pen on this snapshot!

Here's Susan & me in a self portrait a few months ago. We've still got it!

I guess I will call this one Susan’s Bean & Corn Salsa. Yummy! 

Since I promised you a recipe with Velveeta I will leave you with my New Party Meatballs Recipe. I adapted this from Fix It & Forget It, a crock pot recipe book. I think it was originally called Nancy’s Party Meatballs. I’m surprised I didn’t rename this one after myself. I first made this for a New Year’s Eve Party many years ago and it was a huge hit! I couldn't find pictures to go with this one. 

I hope you enjoyed the stories behind the dips and all my randomness today. Of course, I have to throw in a picture of the cuteness, Cam Cam. This one was taken yesterday at the pool.
Finally, I want to remind you there is still time to enter Hillary's Birthday Week Giveaway. I'm so hoping I win the Basket of Home Accents!

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Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

All these recipes are awesome! I can't believe how simple the bean one is!! Can't wait to try it. I might have to have a party, though or take it somewhere because I'm afraid I could eat it all by myself!

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