Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is Cracker. He is a meathead. He sits like this all the time. 
This is Jasper. He's just mocking me. 
This is Camden trying to "pet" Cracker.
Cracker is actually more patient than Jasper now when it comes to letting Camden "pet" him. He will usually tolerate a few seconds of ear, tail and fur pulling before he runs away. Jasper is still very interested in Camden and often stays in the room with him when he is napping or we put him to bed at night. However, the second Camden shows an interest in Jasper and tries to pet him, Jasper is gone in a flash.

Is it any wonder the cats run away when Camden tries to "pet" them? He always goes straight for the tail! If the tail is not in reach, he pulls on the ears. I'm sure if the cats had strings tied around their neck, he would try his hardest to hold them up in the air by them!

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