Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mommy's Little Helper

Camden is becoming quite the little helper with housework. Thank goodness, because I can't stand to do it. But really, who does enjoy washing endless dishes and cleaning toilets?
Camden really enjoys sweeping with the Swivel Sweeper. If I could just get to focus on sweeping up the trail of Cheerios instead of playing with the handle.
"I think it's full. Let me dump it out right here in the dining room."
Camden's newest trick is to help with the dishes. What a relief!
Hey, wait, are you loading or unloading? Those dishes are dirty!
No, that's not quite how the silverware goes in.
Camden is also very helpful with cleaning the bathtub. He takes his toys out of the tub and gives them to me! One by one! 
Or just throws them on the floor if my hands are full. Thanks!
He's getting very useful at beer fetching. Now that is handy!
I didn't teach him that. Granddaddy did. 
Yup, he's the littlest minion!
Well, I've been doing all the talking for awhile now. I would love to hear from all you readers! Leave me a comment and tell me why you read my blog or how you found me!

1 comment:

Grandma Cathy said...

Love all the pictures!!! Grand Daddy has the right idea with Camden getting the beers. His Dad was very good at that also, must be in the genes. Finally had to open a new account with google to leave comments.
I wake up every morning and its the first thing I do, check the Littlest Lobo site out.
THANKS MELISSA FOR ALL THE TIME THAT YOU PUT INTO THIS BLOG, you make Grandma Cathy smile!! and laugh!!!

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