Monday, September 21, 2009

Flying Monkey

Last night we packed up and headed down to the Flying Monkey at Lowe Mill Village to hear a concert by The Believers and Tara Nevins from Donna the Buffalo and Charlie Howell from the Snake Doctors. Normally these concerts are outside, but this one was moved indoors due to the rain. We took Camden and met up with my Dad and a bunch of friends. 

Craig, Charlie, Tara & Cyd
Camden had so much fun! He was dancing on the floor and kicking his legs when Brad held him up. He started clapping after each song, which was a first! I tried to get video of Cam dancing and kicking, but it was too dark.
Later, he sat in Granddaddy's lap, flirting with the ladies and playing with his cane.
There's Erika and Beth in the background - the ladies Cam was flirting with.
Camden & Granddaddy. We sure did have a great time! Thanks for asking us to go, Dad!

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