Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Reid's Birthday Party & Fun Video

Saturday we went to a birthday party for our friend Reid. He is turning two.
Big sister Riley on the right, Aunt Chace holding Camden in the center and Reid with his back to the camera.
Camden really liked the present we gave a Reid. We might have to get him his own Animal Care Vet Clinic. Reid was loving his new helicopters.
Camden really took a shine to Chace. He kept pulling on her legs til she picked him and played with him.
Here's the birthday boy swinging his new golf clubs. Watch out!
Camden really enjoyed playing in the ball pit.
Checking it out...starts out with one ball...
Now he has two balls...
"Look! Look at my balls!"
"What do you mean we have to go inside now? I've got the whole ball pit to myself!"

And completely unrelated to the birthday party, here is a fun video of Camden and Daddy playing chase. Listen to Camden laughing hysterically.

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