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Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby's 1st BooBoo

It was bound to happen sooner or later.
Baby's first booboo.
Yesterday Camden was crawling and all of the sudden started screaming. I was standing in the kitchen and couldn't see him. So I asked Brad, who was sitting in the den with him, why he was crying. Just as Brad said he didn't know why, Camden stopped crying. A few minutes later Brad got closer to him and discovered blood all over his bib. Apparently he had stumbled while he was crawling and split his lip open when he hit the tile. By the time we figured it out, Cam was totally over it. You can just barely see his split lip. He was more interested in sticking his tongue out & grabbing the camera than showing off his booboo. Thank Goodness it was a minor injury. I'm sure we are in for lots more bumps, scrapes & bruises as Camden transitions from crawling & cruising to walking.

1 comment:

Maria in Lewisland said...

So are we living parallel lives, or what?

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