Friday, October 2, 2009

Big Spring Jam

Hello Good People, I am back! I decided to take a little break from blogging to restore my sanity. What with eveything that was going on last week. Only a week late, here are the highlights from Big Spring Jam:
Self Portrait of Me & Cam. We were not 100% sure about taking Cam into the Jam, so we sat in the parking lot for the first act. We were still tossing around the idea of taking him home early and leaving him with a sitter, but we worried about re-entry. We were able to get a parking place right next to the Coca-Cola Stage so we sat out there for awhile.
We had a neat sheet spread out in the parking lot with toys for Cam to play with.
Then Grand Daddy took Cam for aride on the scooter up to the fence. Cam, of coure, has Dad's cane, aka "stick."
We finally decided to take Camden into the Jam and let him stay the whole evening. It was pretty loud so we attempted to get him to wear earplugs. That lasted for about 2 minutes. The orange box he is holding has baby bug wipes in it. Camden thought it was the neatest thing and would not let go of it all night.
Camden was doing some serious people watching. He gets that from my Mom.
Of course we had to buy the $10 light up sword - a fancy stick! I love that Camden is clutching his sword, kicking Daddy and eating his foot in this picture. He gets that mulit-tasking gene from Mommy!
It looks like Camden was screaming in ths picture, but he was really laughing. He & Daddy were playing a fun game of "take the sock off, put the sock on." I'm pretty sure Camden won.
Me & Cam dancing during Huey Lewis & the News
Cam loves to be upside down! Towards the end of the night, he was getting pretty fussy so we were using all manners of disraction to entertain him. He could hang upside down for hours! As soon as you pull him right-side up, he flips back over. All in all it was a really fun time at the Big Spring Jam and I'm glad we took Camden. He had a lot of fun. This was his second Jam. We took him on Sunday night last year, when he was just 5 weeks old. We sat in the same parking lot that night, and did not actually go in with him. Sounds like this will be a yearly tradition!

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