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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How Much Crazy Can You Fit in 24 Hours?

UPDATE: Kristen at We Are That Family is hosting a 2nd Blogoversary Carnival today asking her readers to share a "THAT family moment." I think this post about the random craziness in just one day of our life fits right in, so I'm linking up. Be sure to hop on over to her blog to read about some everyday hilarity & embarrassment.

My friend Hillary is a hosting a Crazy Blog Carnival today. She challenged me to talk about the craziness in my life. So here goes:

Our life with a 14 month old energetic little boy is crazy, but in a good way. I find myself doing things I never would have imagined, on a regular basis!

So what’s crazy about our life? Here’s a few examples from our lunch out with Grand Daddy yesterday.

Crazy Exhibit #1: Using your child as an accessory - fashion accessory! Not accessory to a crime!

I confess, I often dress to match my son’s clothing, or vice versa. I do this with my husband, too, but usually only when we are going somewhere special. Yesterday I dressed Camden in a new little Elmo outfit. Then when I was looking through my closet for something to wear, I came across my Cookie Monster t-shirt (bought on an impulse in Spencer’s one day - Brad got one, too!) & immediately realized that was the perfect opportunity for Camden & I to match! I realize most people would be embarrassed to wear a Cookie Monster t-shirt in public, but not me! I’m crazy like that!

Crazy Exhibit #2: Allowing your child to climb on the table in a restaurant, and letting him sit on it for the duration of lunch!

In retrospect, this was probably a bad idea, because Camden now thinks it’s okay to climb on every table, but there was not room for a high chair at our table, and the booster seat they gave me did not have a strap in option. Yes, other diners did stare at us all during lunch, but only because Camden is so adorable & cute, not because he was climbing on the table like a monkey! That’s what I choose to believe, anyway.

Crazy Exhibit #3: Putting a Ladies Man tuxedo bib on my child in public!

Does this really need an explanation? My only excuse is it came in a pack of 10 bibs, and it was on top of the pile when I grabbed a bib. And it had a touch of red in it, so it would go with his Elmo outfit. Yes, I am also guilty of matching bibs to outfits. What can I say? I am a slave to fashion!

Crazy Exhibit #4: Letting my child dip various items in & out of my tea, and continue to drink from it!

Spoons, straws (with & without the paper wrapper), ice cubes, rolls(fresh & previously chewed) - all these things went into my tea. The tea was really weak, so these actually helped with the flavor. The highlight was Camden taking ice cubes out of the tea, putting them in his mouth, spitting them out when he realized how cold they were, and then putting them back in the tea. Also, when the straw wrapper finally dissolved into the tea, that was pretty special. Why did I continue to drink this tea? Because I was thirsty? Or because I was CRAZY! I have to add, I was actually proud of Camden for figuring out the ice cubes went back in the drink!

Crazy Exhibit #5: Trying to pose my child on a giant fake steer!

Can you say Photo Opp!?! Yes, I was more concerned with getting a good picture than the fact that Camden clearly didn’t want to have any part of posing on that steer. After about half a dozen wonky pics, we finally got this one where he was at least looking at the camera. And how did I not notice the giant black truck in the background? How hard would it have been to have my trusty camera man (Dad) rotate around so that truck was not hulking in the background? Oh well, at least we captured that moment in time FOREVER!

Crazy Disclosure: My Dad was present for all of this craziness, and not only did he NOT blink an eye, he also aided & abetted! Thanks Dad! You’re crazy, too!

Crazy Exhibit #6: My child is crazy - and we laugh at his antics! Come on, what parent hasn't laughed hysterically when their kid did something unexpected & crazy?

To say Camden has a flair for the dramatic would be an understatement. I can’t imagine where he got this from. Certainly not me!

So that's a day in our crazy life. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Oh wait, did I mention that I left the house yesterday without a single extra diaper, and later improvised by putting an adult diaper on Camden? Just call me McGyver! Sadly, I did not capture this awesome crazy moment on film. I did seriously consider recreating it for a photo opp. Is that Crazy? Nah, I don't think so either.

Thanks Hillary, for challenging me to write about my everyday crazy! Be sure to hop on over to her blog to read about everyone else's craziness!


Susan Bruno said...

Okay, I know I drank stuff my kids messed around in then, but now it's sounds pretty crazy!! The matching Sesame Street ensemble takes the cake. You wore it well, my friend.
Too cute. What in the world was he doing on that riding toy???? HAHAHAH Well done. Best crazy post hands down.

Rachel Olsen said...

I hear Cookie Monster shirts are going to be one of the hot fall trends this year!

Smiles ~ Rachel

Tami said...

what a cutie pie! I've been traveling through the crazy carnival today and enjoyed the visit! And about the tea...not so crazy...just mommy! :)

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

I think we all let our kids get away with things we would NEVER have done in a former pre-kids life. But Camden is so cute, he derserves it!!

Kitty @ Four Little Toms and a Mom said...

Your photos are sooooo stinking cute! Enjoy these years and don't forget how precious it will be at the later years too. Seems I'm always saying mine are at the perfect ages!

kjg said...

LOVE the Cookie Monster shirt! And the Ladies Man bib also. What a cute idea to document the crazy days.

We are THAT Family said...

Great photos!

We love the crazy around here!

Thanks for celebrating with me!

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