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Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Fall, Y'all!

Wednesday we went up to my Dad's house & I let Cam Cam play in the driveway.
He had a great time riding on his car & playing songs on the keyboard.
This is the first time he actually like he was having fun, and not like we were torturing him by making him sit on the car.
He had as much fun backing up as he did going forward.
Hey, be careful not to tailgate! And stay out of the blind spot!
Even this orange extension cord did not deter him. He rolled right over it, and then backed up over it.
He also spend some time crawling on the ground. He craweled underneath the RV & underneath the trailer. He got upset when he couldn't stand up under the trailer, and we had to coax him to crawl out.
He played hard, he tasted a few acorns, he got REALLY dirty, and then he gave out. Doesn't everybody take a nap in the driveway?

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