Friday, October 30, 2009

Cotton Picking Fun!

We went to Tate Farms on Wednesday. That's our local Pumpkin Farm. Camden was pretty overwhelmed & clingy so we saved the cotton truck for last. Oddly, that was his favorite activity!
I'm sure many of you are wondering about a cotton truck. Well, I can't really explain except to say I live in Alabama, and Cotton is our number 1 crop.
Daddy dumped lots of cotton on Camden's head. He thought that was hilarious!
This was around 5pm & the sun was shining right in his eyes, thus all the squintiness.
Piles & piles of cotton! Yup, this is the closest thing we get to snow in Alabama.
I know it looks like he is licking the truck in this picture, but he really isn't. Cam is doing this new awesome (ha!) thing where he sticks his tongue out all the time. Not like he's sticking his tongue out at you, but like it's just hanging out of his mouth like a dog. Nice, huh? Anyway, I promise he is not licking the rusty wire. 'Cause that would be gross & completely unsanitary, and I would total be able to stop him from licking rusty wire if he decided he wanted to! Aren't all 14 month olds perfectly obedient and immediately stop when you tell them no?

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Susan @ Sara Says said...

I love the bat outfit. It really looks cute on him.

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