Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Littlest Lobo is 1!

Where does the time go? I just realized that this past Friday, Oct. 23rd, was the one year anniversary of my very first post on The Littlest Lobo! WOW! 1 year and 150 posts later, here we are! How neat that this ended up being my 150th post. To go back and see what Mr. Cam Cam was doing 1 year ago, click here. My, how he has changed! You won't believe what he's doing 1 year later! You will have to watch the video to see for yourself!
That's right, he's walking! Those are his very first steps! So far, he just takes about 3 steps to us. He can stand by himself forever, but he hasn't tried to walk on his on, yet.
Cam loves to pull up on the island, and open the doors and look inside. Yesterday he took off with my strainers.
Camden is helping Daddy cook pancakes.
This is the view I see most often of Cam - him pulling up on me.
This seems to be his new "I'm tired" pose. He just crumples to the ground. It's hard work learning to walk! So that's what Camden is up to 1 year later. My how time flies! It has been a wonderful year. Thank you for joining us on our journey!

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Maria in Lewisland said...

Well, it looks like we have A LOT in common. Congratulations on YOUR blogaversary, too! My husbands parents live in Kansas also. How's that for a coincidence. And I used to scrapbook too. Now I use my blog to help me with digital scrapbooks.

And can I just tell you how absolutely precious that sweet Camden is! Blessings to you. M<><

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