Thursday, March 19, 2009

Baby Legs & Daddy

Here is Camden in those super cute Baby Legs I mentioned recently. They have really cute girl ones, but the boy ones I had seen before were a little too punk rock for my taste. We're talking black background with silver skulls & crossbones or black with red flames. Or too garish - orange & turquoise with cars. So when I saw these green froggy ones I just had to get them for Camden. Of course Brad thought they were weird, but he's a guy, what does he know? Camden had on his super cute little buddy socks with shoelaces sewn on the front, but I somehow managed not to get a picture of that. They really made the outfit.

Brad finally got home this morning and he and Camden were so excited to see each other! They were so cute with all their laughing and silly faces. I tried to get a good picture of their homecoming, but could only get one of them smiling at time. Just imagine the two pictures below photoshopped together.

We are leaving for vacation very early in the morning, so this will be my last post for a week or so. I know you will miss us, but I promise to post lots of pictures when we get back. We are heading to Vail, Colorado to visit Brad's sister and her family and to enjoy some snow. Since Camden slept through the big blizzard (light dusting that melted before noon) a couple of weeks ago, this will be his first time seeing snow. I found two super cute snowsuits on clearance (imagine that) that I can't wait to see him in. Hold your breath to see those cute pictures!

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