Monday, March 16, 2009

Flower Power

My Flower Child

They had this precious flower headband in the dollar spot at Target today. Yes, I know it's a little bit girly, with the glitter and all, but it was just so cute! Camden wore it around Target for quite awhile. He was very chill today. He didn't mind not being able to sit up. I eventually found a blanket to prop him up on so he was a little more comfy, but he really didn't seem to care before that. And yes, I am guilty of "borrowing" items in Target and then not buying them. I mean it was a cute blanket and I was "thinking" about getting it, but then at the checkout I "decided" Camden didn't need any more baby blankets. Don't worry, I did actually purchase the baby leggings that he had been chewing on the packaging of. Stay tuned for a picture of that total cuteness. Anyway, I thought Camden looked adorable as a flower!Camden can hold up a full bottle and feed himself all by himself now! I am so proud of him! It is also nice to be able to prop him up on the boppy and let him have his bottle while I do other things like wash bottles!
This is our bedtime routine. After we get a fresh diaper and clean jammies on, we read 3 books. We always end with The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boyonton.

This is chair we sit in. Camden sits in our lap. By our, I mean who's ever turn it is that night. We try to alternate who puts Camden to bed every night.
"Books are fun to read, but everyone knows they really are for eating!"
"yum, yum, yum!"

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