Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Skiing in Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek
Doesn't this look a postcard background that we photoshopped our picture onto?

Joey & the Sushi Boat! Shred Rolls rock! Sato in Edwards.

Let me just warn you: I have A LOT of vacation pictures to post. So be prepared. Sadly, I accidentally deleted the first 3 days of vacation pictures from my camera. We don't really need to go into the details of how that happened so let's just call it a camera malfunction. I am still just sick about losing those precious photos. I had some really cute ones, including Camden's first plane ride. You will just have to settle for Camden's second plane ride (in another post). But not to worry, you will still get to see plenty of cute vacation pics. Just not the ones of us playing tennis. Or us by the creek before the big snow. Or of the kids making their bunny hutch. So here goes.
***I am experiencing difficulty with the drag and drop feature in blogger. In the interest of getting all the vacay pics up in a timely fashion, I am just posting as is. So if things seem a little out of order, that's why. If anybody knows how to fix this, please tell me how!****

Brad went skiing in Beaver Creek with Remy & Joey. Now Brad only skis once a year or so. So he asked Remy & Joey to please only take him on easy greens. Which they did, on the first run. Then on the second trail, Joey led them on a Black! It was past the point of no return so Brad's only choice was to go down it! He did survive and the stayed on mostly greens and a few blues after that. I was so glad that the kids could go skiing with Brad so I didn't have to. Last time I went I just didn't enjoy it. It's too much effort to not have fun! Maybe I will go again next time. Anyway, Lavina, Camden & I met the three of them for lunch at McCoy's. Only we were late and the were early so they ate before we got there. So we took the requisite photo opps and then Lavina and I went to eat sushi. Yummy! Joey had had enough skiing for the day so he came with us.

"Daddy looks funny with that helmet & goggles!"

Aren't we pretty?

I insisted that Brad wear a helmet.

Joey & Remy on the patio of McCoy's.

I survived a Black Diamond!

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