Sunday, March 1, 2009

Buggy & Bath Time

This is the first time Camden sat in the buggy without his carseat. He was really excited about it. He did great at first, but got tired pretty quickly and was slumping over. I grabbed a little travel pillow and used it to prop him up and that worked well.
We also attempted sitting in a restaurant high chair today, but that didn't go as well. Camden still can't sit up by himself so the high chair was a little challenging. Doesn't he look pitiful?

Camden has been showing interest in feeding himself and actually does pretty well. Interestingly, the few times he has attempted to feed himself he has used his left hand. Daddy would be so happy if Camden was a lefty. The reason? Southpaws are very valuable as pitchers! Brad's mom is a lefty and his brother was too, so I guess there's a good chance Camden could be too.

For the last couple of months, Camden would scream bloody murder all through bath time. We could't get him out of there fast enough and we had no idea what the problem was. The last week or so has been much better, with minimal crying. Usually he just fusses a little right when we put him in the water. Thank goodness!

Mini Mohawk

Saturday was my Dad's birthday and we celebrated with dinner at Grille 29 & then listened to a band at the Flying Monkey Arts Center before heading to the Kaffeklatsch. Happy Birthday Granddaddy!

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