Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day

Dad's fancy new scooter. Zoom! Zoom! It goes 10 miles an hour! But, what's that in your basket?
There's a baby in your basket!

TGIFriday's - Green Beer & 1/2 Price Appetizers

At the St. Patrick's Day Parade downtown. Sitting in the car waiting for the parade.

Camden's impression of an old man without his dentures. He sucks in his lower lip to achieve this look. Fabulous!
My lucky charm!
More of Dad on his new scooter. That baby is awesome!

At the Parade. Camden was much more interested in the girl next to us (to my right, in blue) than watching the parade (which was coming from our left).

Sitting in the parking lot of Finnegan's, for people watching & ambience. The 3 bagpipes men came out and played a couple of tunes and then left. Since we didn't have any irish music on hand, we jammed out to Bob Marley.

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