Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm A Little Lobo

This is the outfit I got Camden for Christmas that says "I'm A Little Lobo!" It's like a big sweatshirt that they tried to make into a baby long-all. It's wider than it is long. Kind of funny looking. So that is why it looks so puffy & short on Camden. He promptly spit up all over it so it's
a good thing I snapped this picture before we ate!

Reminds me of the Stay-Puff Marshallow Man, in Red.
This is a rattle that Ron & Cindy Gray gave Camden. I had it squirreled away until he was big enough to use and I just pulled it out the other day. Camden loves it! It's just the right size and makes a nice rattle sound. Thanks Ron & Cindy!

This is a cute little outfit that came with a visor. I thought Camden would not want to wear it, but he didn't mind at all. He played in this little visor until it fell off.

In this close-up, you can see his hair sticking up over the visor. Reminds me so much of how his Daddy looks when he wears a visor! Too cute!

We met Daddy for a drink at BWW's at Mad Square. I had to snap a picture in this cute hat! Of course, Daddy put it on sideways to give Camden that gangsta look. Still cute, though! On a funny side note, Camden doesn't mind wearing hats at all. But he doesn't like to see people wearing hats. He started crying when Daddy came in the room wearing a ball cap one day. And the morning I took this picture, I put the hat on Camden while he was looking in the mirror and he immediately started crying! I took it off and he stopped! Back on, more crying! Too funny. Not sure what his aversion to hats is but hopefully he will outgrow it quickly!

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