Thursday, May 21, 2009

9 Month Check Up

Camden – 9 months
Sitting up really well
Loves to jump, kick, run in the walker and wiggle his legs if you hold him up in the air
Twirls his hair on the back of his head when he goes to sleep
Favorite toys – stacking cups & rings
Ticklish on the sides of his tummy
Wears a size 3 diaper
Weight: 18lbs 11oz
Length: 29 ¾”
Just starting solid foods
Likes blondes (seriously!) He cries when he meets brunettes
Love to talk: says things like mamamama dadadadada, blahblahblahblah, hi
Also loves to screech as loud as he can to hear his own voice
Has started making duck sounds – sounds like donald duck
Loves electronics – grabs for mom’s phone, remote controls, cameras, video cameras & computer cords
Have 6 teeth – 4 on top & two on bottom
Love to sleep. Camden sleeps 14 hours at night and 3-5 hours during the day
Loves to grab glasses & hats, especially Grandpa’s

9 Month Check Up
We had quite a traumatic visit at the pediatrician’s office today. Let’s just start by saying I woke up to cat puke everywhere and Camden pooped in the bath tub this morning and then cried the whole time he was getting dressed and all the way to the doctor’s office. This was Camden’s 9 month check up. Weight:18 pounds, 11 ounces = 20th percentile Height: 29 3/4” = 80th percentile Dr. Patz said that was fine, that Camden is just tall & skinny. Has he seen those chunky legs?
No immunizations today so no shots. Yay! Or so I thought.
We discussed the marks on Camden’s face and whether he might have a milk allergy. He decided to refer us to a dermatologist since he thinks it might be a sensitive skin issue. We decided to go ahead and do a blood test for food allergies, just to be sure. Not fun. I had no idea that would be 1000 times worse than shots. I should have known when two people came in to do the blood draw. I thought we were doing a simple heel prick, but nooo. This was a rubber tube around the arm, needle stick in the arm & filling up a big old tube with my baby’s blood. All 3 of us had to hold Camden down. The lab techs were amazed at how strong he was. Where was the regular lab guy, a big tall black man? Why did I get the scrawny teenager with peach fuzz and the sweet but petite grandmother today? He screamed bloody murder throughout the blood draw and wriggled and squirmed and twisted. Poor little guy. He calmed down pretty quickly after it was over. We won’t have the lab tests back for a week. It will be 2 months before we can get in to see the dermatologist. Meanwhile, Dr. Patz encouraged me to start Camden on people food and assured me that I don’t need to worry about severe reactions (like anaphylaxis) if he is allergic to something he eats. He did warn me to steer clear of peanuts & eggs. He advised we should start with mushed up bananas, green beans, avocados, mashed potatoes, cheerios & puffs, and yogurt & cheese. So far the few things I have been brave enough to feed Camden (mac ‘n cheese, saltine, bread), he has not liked. We tried a French fry today and he was not interested. I think this introduction to people food may be a job for Daddy.
Camden also had some kind of eye screening which involved sitting in the dark and staring into a camera with flashing lights and beeping noises. At least that didn’t hurt and Camden actually sat still for 2 whole minutes. Unfortunately, the results were “off” as the nurse put it first, and then later she said “he failed the eye screening.” Of course that sent me reeling. She explained it’s probably nothing; we just need to go get a more complete eye exam. Apparently the fancy camera measures how your eyes focus and Camden’s did not focus the same. The lady who did the screening had a hard time getting enough readings on one eye, so that could have been the problem. But we know that Brad’s vision was terrible before he had LASIK, so Camden could have inherited Daddy’s bad vision. Anyway we have not noticed any problems with Camden’s vision and the nurse said he acted like he could see fine, so hopefully it’s nothing.
Overall the doctor said Camden looks great and is healthy. I was surprised he had gained so little weight, but there’s nothing wrong with being skinny! I will post updates as I find out about lab results, eye exams and dermatology appointments. Camden’s next appointment will be his one year! I better start planning the birthday party now!

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