Friday, May 1, 2009

Easter Sunday - 8 Months Old

My personal Easter Bunny. Have you ever seen anything so cute? Because I seriously don't think I have. Camden turned 8 months old on Easter Sunday. He will be 1 before we know it!
Camden & I went to the Outer Banks with my friend Susan & her kids a couple of weeks ago. We ended up having to take a 6:30am flight on Easter Sunday so we didn't get to take all the normal Easter pictures. But I could not pass up an opportunity to get a picture of Camden in these precious bunny ears in the airport! Camden did great flying & all the airline staff was very helpful. We flew into Norfolk, VA and drove the rest of the way. We had some time to kill in the airport while we waited for Susan & her kids so we strolled around and found a wall of brochures. I don't know if I have mentioned this before, but Camden loves brochures. They have proven to be a great (& free) disraction so I am always picking up random glossy brochures for him. Well the first one I found this particular day was for Camden County, VA! I never even knew it existed! When we chose his name, one of the reasons we liked it was because it's not very common. But now I see it popping up everywhere! Mostly city & county names. There is even a Camden, AL! The residents of My Name is Earl live in Camden County, MD & are called Camdenites! We watch that show, but never realized that was where they lived til someone else pointed it out to us. I also just learned that Camden was the last name of the family on 7th Heaven. I never watched that so I didn't have a clue. Of course, we were aware of Camden Yards, and no, we didn't name Camden after that. We are Red Sox Fans! Fortunately, Brad didn't ever suggest naming him Fenway. I did dodge a bullet by having a boy, though. Brad really had his heart set on Jinx Valentina for a girl's name. I am not kidding. He got stuck on that and wouldn't let it go. I was actually relieved when we found out Camden was going to be a boy. Oh I have really digressed from Easter Sunday, haven't I? Did you enjoy that little side trip?
This close-up really shows the color of Camden's eyes. Not quite green, not quite blue. We can't quite figure it out. Brad is calling green. Strangers call it hazel. (I thought hazel was light brown?!) I'm calling it blue. That's mostly wishful thinking on my part, wanting my baby to look like me in at least one small way. And his left eye is a little lighter than his right eye. I think I read it can take up to a year for babies eyes to change colors. So it might still be a while before we figure out what color his eyes really are.
On another topic, Camden's baby acne has improved dramatically. However, it still has not gone away completely even though it's supposed to completely clear up by 6 months of age. I now have finally figured out that Camden has a milk allergy or sensitivity. I switched him to a soy formula and that helped, but I think I may go ahead and switch him to the completey hypoallergenic formula since soy can also be linked to milk allergies. Fingers crossed that my baby will soon have beautiful clear skin!

Cute as a button, dirty bib & all!

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