Friday, May 1, 2009

Outer Banks

Me & Camden at the beach in North Carolina. This was the best weather we had the whole time we were there. It was mostly cold, rainy & very windy. I learned that while 60 degrees at home is very comfortable, in N.C. on the beach it is very cold! We had a great time despite the weather.
Yes, I am wearing a baby sling in this picture. Did you ever think you would see the day? Me neither. But it was a last minute purchase for this trip. I was concerned that there wouldn't be any extra seats on the planes & that I would have to check his car seat at the gate. So the sling was my back up plan for boarding with a baby & huge diaper bag. Luckily, I didn't have to use it, but it came in great for this walk to the beach.

Playing in the sand.

Me & Susan

The whole gang that went. Of course Susan & I aren't in this picture...
Clockwise, Katie, Jan, Sara, Connie, June, Bonnie & Joanne. Katie & Sara are Susan's kids. Connie is Susan's mom. Jan is Connie's sister (& Susan's aunt). Bonnie is Connie's college roommate & June is her mother. Joanne is Connie's hometown childhood friend. It was a houseful of ladies & one baby boy. What fun!

I just had to share this one. This is how Camden sleeps all the time now. Is there anything cuter that a baby sticking his butt up in the air? This is where he slept at the beach, in a pack n play in a closet on the bottom floor of the condo. Don't worry, I didn't close the door. It was just a really small bedroom & that's the only place the pack n play fit. This was a 3 story condo with the main living area on the top floor. I had the baby monitor & the girls would sit & watch it & wait for Camden to wake up. At the very first little wiggle, they would come running down the stairs & inform that Camden was awake, before he even started making any noises! It was so funny. Sara & Katie really loved playing with Camden. He really enjoyed all the attention!

Katie & Camden

Susan & I gave Camden a bath in the kitchen sink. At first he wasn't too thrilled about this, as you can see from his expression. Then he figured out he could kick, kick, kick & splash, splash, splash. Then we figured out we put way too much water in the sink! I definitely got pretty wet.

The girls loved feeding Camden, whether it was a bottle or baby food. Susan thought he looked like a baby bird the way he would flap his hands and lean forward with his mouth open. It got pretty messy!

Joanne was so sweet to keep giving all the kids little presents. This was a make-up brush that was loaded with sparkly glitter. The girls had fun dusting themselves & Camden, too! By the end of the night Camden was covered with sparkles and baby food, thus the need for the bath!

But not to worry, the girls made sure that Camden had gender appropriate toys to play with, like fire trucks! All in all it was a great trip! The girls were a big help with Camden. We will definitely have to go down to Birmingham visit them more often.
Thanks for inviting us to the Outer Banks, Susan!

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