Thursday, May 14, 2009

Superman selects a nice Red for Bath Time

2 Handsome Guys
"You can call me Superman!" I don't know how he does it, but Camden always manages to turn his bib around backwards! It drives me crazy!
"Hmm, this looks like a nice bottle of red wine." Day 2 of Camden's walker adventures and he took off. No slow poking around this day! When I realized he had been in the same spot in the kitchen for several minutes, I decided I'd better investigate. Camden was trying with all his might to pull out this bottle of wine. Thank goodness he didn't go for the wine glasses! Maybe he couldn't reach them. The wine rack has been moved. Let the babyproofing begin!
This was Camden's first shower. We were improvising bath time. He seemed to like it.
Camden's new Lizard towel.Such a cute little lizard!
Camden's hair is so long now. This was supposed to be a mini mohawk, but it looks more like the little boy with a curl in the middle of his head. Or some nursery rhyme along those lines. Guess I need to study up on Mother Goose and such.Happy Baby! Thank Goodness. Camden went through a phase where he hated bath time and would scream nonstop the whole time he was in the bath. Fortunately he got over it. Now he loves it! He really loves kicking his legs and splashing Mommy & Daddy. Jaspers has to supervise Camden's every move. He was thoughtful enough to warm up Camden's towel for him.

Blowing Razzberries.

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Amy said...

He is such a handsome little man! :)


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