Friday, May 1, 2009

Feeding Time

Here's a video of Sara & Katie feeding Camden.

FYI #1- I have been having terrible Internet connection issues. That's why I have been so sporadic on posting this week. Hopefully we will have the issue resolved soon & I can get caught up on posting. I'm still over 2 weeks behind! In the meantime, just keep checking back, or you can add my blog to your Reader. I just loaded up all the blogs I follow into a Google Reader a couple of weeks ago and it's awesome! If you don't have a Reader you should get one. I added a quick link on the side bar to make it easy for you to add my blog to your reader.

FYI #2 - Be sure to check the two posts below: Outer Banks & Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday is new, but posted underneath Outer Banks. Outer Banks was previously titled obx & now has commentary to go with the pictures. I was having connection issues and was afraid if I didn't publish it before I was finished with it I would lose it.

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