Saturday, May 23, 2009


Camden was so happy to see Daddy! Once Camden saw him he wouldn't let Daddy out of his sight! Daddy really got the hero's welcome, unlike Mommy. When I was gone for two days, I got the cold shoulder. Fickle!

Camden's first experience with yogurt. He liked it - even though you can't tell in this picture!

We went to the pool to relax. The water was too cold to get in, but the weather was nice. Brad had a very calming effect on Camden (I think he gave him baby valium!) Camden sat still for almost an hour!

He was content to just sit in Daddy's lap and play.
Later we set up the cabana and Camden actually fell asleep in it!
After a brief nap and a change of clothes, Camden was ready to help Daddy with the grilling.

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