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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Future Race Car Driver or Just Call Me Mr. Slowski

Through the kitchen...
Around the corner into the den...
Turning...(he had a little help with this one)
In the home stretch...
Snack break, yum, yum!
Now for the videos:

Warning! Don't blink or you will miss the speed demon flashing by!

But wait, there's more riveting footage:

Camden has a walker that he enjoys sitting in and playing with the toys, but not so much the walking part. Today I put Camden in his walker and before I knew it, he had disappeared into the kitchen! This is the first time he actually went walking in it. He started out in front of the sofa, went down the hall, into the kitchen and around the corner back into the den! Then he continued on to the staircase where he decided he'd had enough.

1 comment:

kjg said...

He's so adorable! We enjoy peeking in on him from time to time. :) Hope you had a good Mother's Day!

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