Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Legs & Sesame Street

I just love baby legs! Cam's legs are really thinning out, but there is still a little bit of chunkiness left. 
Watching Sesame Street. We don't let Cam watch a lot of tv, but sometimes I put him in his walker and turn on Sesame Street. Usually he zooms around the house, and then every once in a while, the tv will catch his eye and he will be mesmerized. Then he's off again! He seems to be holding his leg up in the air in this pic. I guess that's his imitation of a flamingo.
Cam really cracks me up when he watches tv backwards! And No, we do not let Camden sit in the rocking chair while it is perched on top of the ottoman. I have no idea why it was up there. Probably to give Cam more room to run around in his walker. Which is also why we no longer have a coffee table in the den. And adly, he has outgrown his jumperoo. He sure did love it, though. 

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