Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Does a Big Boy Do?

I see you!
Who's a Big Boy now?
Who can stand up in his crib and peek over the edge?
Who finally learned to let go of the slat and reach up to the crib edge?
Camden! That's who! My baby is getting big!
He even has a new Big Boy Car Seat. It's so much bigger than his infant car seat. Camden loves it! He even takes naps in the car again. He had gotten too long for his other car seat so we ordered this one a few weeks before his birthday. He can still sit rear-facing (which is safer) up to 40 pounds. Then we can turn it around to face forward. The pediatrician did give us the all clear to turn him forward when we are ready, but I want to hold out as long as possible. Camden has always been very good in the car so I think we can last at least another year rear-facing. 

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