Thursday, August 27, 2009

Standing Up

Camden is getting really good at standing up with a prop.
Please ignore the cowlick behind his ear, the drool stains on his shirt, the blueberry stains on his butt, the clashing lime green bib, and the stoned look on my child's face. Hmmm, why am I even showing you these picture?
"Why, Mommy, Why?"
Oh yeah, because I wanted to show off how well Camden can stand up! With aid, of course. And these were actually taken last week. He can now stand up by himself for approximately 1.5 seconds! Such an accomplishment!
I think it's time for a hair cut, too. I seriously do style Cam's hair. Every morning we spray the detangler/leave-in conditioner on there and brush and style it. Then he rolls on the floor and it looks like this. 

Yes, I'm positive those are blueberries stains on his butt. I can't believe you would think otherwise. 

And  here is my superstar walking with the toy. Wow!

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