Friday, August 28, 2009

Pool Time

Camden standing up in the baby pool! I swear, he's going to be walking any day!
Camden really loves the water. He prefers the big pool because Mommy & Daddy have room to splash him all around. He puts his face under water andholds his breath and he tries to swim. He will leap out of ours arms into the other ones arms. This kid has NO fear. He is definitely a thrill seeker!
Granddaddy has many canes, aka "sticks", and this black one with a tassel on the end is one of his favorites! He pulls up to standing on the scooter and then grabs the stick.
Sitting with Granddaddy. Hats and Glasses are also fair game for Camden.
Yay! I got the stick!
Stuffing his face with goldfish! Look how he has his whole hand crammed in his mouth!
I think this was the first time he ever had goldfish. But he eats everything like this! Camden always eats with gusto!

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