Thursday, August 20, 2009

Climbing the Stairs

Camden loves trying to climb up the stairs. He can get on the bottom step, but then he doesn't know how to get up to the next step.
He is a great walker if you hold his hands. He still walks on his tippy-toes.
He thinks he is such a big boy! Big enough to tackle the stairs!

He does great going up the stairs. He's a little less steady going down.

I filmed this video sideways, and the only way I could rotate was if all the blackness surrounds it. Sorry!

Camden & I have a morning routine. After we get a new diaper and outfit on, we sit in the rocking chair and read a few books. His favorites right now are Wake Up! and Baby Faces. Next we sit on the floor in his room and play. Right now we are playing with his dump wagon with giant legos and his car carrier. Then, when Camden is ready to go downstairs, he crawls out of the room straight to the stairs. He tries to be really sneaky about it. He'll crawl a little ways and then turn around to see if I'm watching. If I don't look like I'm paying attention, he waits until I notice him. (I'm always watching him, but this is part of the game.) Then I tell him I'm going to get him and he starts laughing and crawling as fast as he can. But he has stop every few feet to check and make sure I'm coming after him. He just laughs and laughs. Then right before he gets to the top of the stairs, I catch him and tickle him. More laughter. If I didn't grab him, he would go right down those stairs on his hands and knees, head first. Don't worry, the baby gate is going up this week. I will try to get a video of this tomorrow.

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