Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Busy Day

We had a busy day today! First we went to meet Brad for lunch at Cheddar's. But it was too crowded so we went to Phil Sandoval's. Mexican is Camden's FAVORITE!
While we were eating, Gary H. walked by. Of course, Brad got his attention by throwing out his Michael Jackson "A-Hee-hee!"
Then Brad & I took cheesy self-portraits of ourselves in the parking lot. It only took 5 tries to get one with Brad's eyes open and me not looking like a turkey about to get it's head cut off.
After a trip across town, visiting with Nana & a Target run, we stopped in to visit Danielle at her office.
Yes, that is another high-quality photo courtesy of yours truly. I really need to get my photography business going! Camden had fun chasing Danielle around the office. She taught him a new game - slap your hand. He thought that was the funniest thing ever! He also thought it was funny to run into patient rooms while they were having their teeth cleaned! Dr. K - I think you need to get some doors on your patient rooms! I saw our my dental hygenist there. She left my dentist's office just after Camden was born. I was so glad to see Janelle & show off Camden to her. Camden also made a new friend in the waiting room. I'm sure that nice man was relieved that we left before his appointment started! We sure had fun visiting with all of our friends - both old & new - today!

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