Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Elmo Videos

I finally got the videos uploaded!
This first one is so cute. My favorite part is the very beginning where Camden pats Elmo. Camden started laying face down and patting the ground when he was tired in the middle of play time a few weeks ago. Even though it was super cute, we couldn't figure out where that patting thing came from! Finally, I realized it was from me! Whenever Camden falls down & actually starts crying, I pick him up and hold him and pat his back to comfort him. He so rarely cries when he falls down that it took us awhile to figure out he was mimicking me! So I thought it was super sweet when he starting patting Elmo like that. And then towards the end of the video he actually keeps Elmo from falling off the sofa. Not too long ago, Cam would have purposely pushed him over, or even thrown him on the floor! ( The old scary Elmo, mostly.)

In this video, Camden gives Elmo a kiss. Camden started giving us kisses by request a few weeks ago. Then he started giving his puppies kisses, just because. So now we ask him to give Elmo kisses, to get him warmed up to him.
Of course, right after he gives Elmo a kiss, he goes straight for the box of empty beer cans. Nice, huh?

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