Thursday, December 31, 2009

Elizabeth's Surprise Birthday Party

My friend Elizabeth's birthday was Dec. 11. We surprised her with a party at Phil Sandoval's.
Here is the birthday girl:
Liz & hubby Shane
Jeff & Brandy - who is now a brunette!
Tracie, Jeff & Brandy
2 very tired Lowes. I had just returned from Savannah the day before & Brad had just flown all night from Israel. Can't believe he was still awake at this point. What a trooper.
Liz, just after she saw all of us. She is wiping away a tear!
Tamitha, Me, Brandy, Liz, Sonia & Cathy
It was so much fun to surprise Liz. She really thought everyone had forgotten her birthday! This was only about half of the people at the restaurant. I couldn't get pictures of everybody because there were so many & our table was so big! They continued the party at the Nook, but we were just too tired to go.
Liz, Happy Birthday and I hope you have a wonderful year!

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