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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Carsyn

Dear Carsyn,
Today you would be 3 years old. I wonder what you would have been like. What would you look like? What kind of personality would you have? Would you love the color purple as much as I do?
I will never know...
Today we visited your grave, and hung your Christmas wreath. We brought you a new purple cross and your little Christmas tree. We took pictures of your grave with your little brother. We cried for you and we missed you terribly. We ate cupcakes to celebrate your birthday. We bought you balloons with the number 3 on them. We will release them to the skies on Tuesday and hope they find their way to you in Heaven.
We love you so much. We miss you just as much today as we did the day you went to Heaven.
Happy Birthday, sweet Angel.
All our love,
Mommy, Daddy & Camden


Maria in Lewisland said...

Happy Birthday Carsyn! I'm certain her celebration in heaven was pretty darn special. God bless you Melissa - as you remember and grieve a little more for that sweet baby girl. My prayers are with you.

Leslie said...

I guarantee Carsyn's angel wings are a shade of purple :)

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