Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mommy's Little Helpers Pt. 1

I had some stellar help decorating the Christmas tree.
No, you are not drunk - this picture really is blurry. Well, maybe you are drunk, but the picture is still blurry. My sub-optimal camera skills & my wiggly wild toddler make for some high quality pictures. I should really start a business!
Here I am looking all cheesy. Who knows why? Not me! I think it's time to buy some new yoga pants - those aren't doing me any favors! Neither is my $5 "Ho Ho Ho" glittery t-shirt from Walmart. From last year. I think I got my $5 bucks out of that jewel. Maybe I'll abandon my new photography career to be a fashion stylist!
Hey Brad! Wrong holiday! It's Christmas time, not Valentine's! At least he actually helped me with the tree. After I asked, pleaded & nagged for a week, he finally put the tree together (after I brought it downstairs from the attic!). Then he helpfully attached the ornament hooks to the ornaments. Yes, that really is a two person job.
Before I convinced Brad it would be in his best interest to put up the tree, I tried to recruit some other helpers. Here comes Cracker to inspect the tree. You can really tell what a big cat he is in this picture. He weighs about 18 pounds.
Taking a closer look...perhaps planning the best course of action...
Hmph! I guess Cracker's idea of helping is to keep the tree from floating up to the ceiling. Thanks Cracker!
Here's 2 more of my helpers that didn't do diddly squat.
Y'all make better decorations than helpers!

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