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Monday, December 14, 2009

Camden's 1st Haircut

We finally got Camden a haircut! I had trimmed it at home once before, but that didn't really count because I only got about two snips done in the back. His hair was looking really long and shaggy so we took him to Great Clips by Publix, where Brad always goes. We had the nicest lady with 3 boys of her own who cut his hair. She was perfect and did a great job.

This is the before. See how long it is in the back?
Camden loves to suck his thumb and twirl his hair when he is tired or fascinated by something.
Another lady recommended using the trimmer to get it cut really fast. That was a no go because Camden hated the buzzing noise. These are all the toys it took to distract him from the haircutting.
They have a special booster seat for kids, but Cam wouldn't sit on it, so he sat in Daddy's lap.

The lady who cut Cam's hair.
Getting shorter...
Clutching those toys...if you shook them they talked. Guess who had to stand there and shake the lion and hippo from Madagascar 1000 times?
The finished cut with some styling gel. It's not really cut into a mohawk, we just thought it would be fun to style it that way.
After Cam was done, Daddy decided to get a haircut, too. Cam watched the trimmer buzzing away from a safe distance.
Then he ran back and forth in the salon. He went up to each and every stylist and their customers, and the customers in the waiting area. He was quite the flirt with all the ladies! He even ventured into the break room. I had to usher him out and close the door.
Here he is charming all the ladies.
Of course, he found a duster and started cleaning! You know how addicted to cleaning tools Cam is. I wonder why my house isn't cleaner?
We were amazed at how different he looked after his haircut. Even my Dad noticed.
This morning Cam woke up with a cowlick, in the exact same spot as his Daddy! The first thing he did was bring me his comb and styling spray so I could fix his hair! Funny, funny boy!


Amy said...

Just read your entry about Carsyn's birthday. I know you are holding her tight in your heart during this time. I'm thinking of you!

Rhonda said...

what a handsome young man!!

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