Monday, December 7, 2009

O Christmas Tree

Camden had already been asleep for hours by the time we got the tree totally decorated. Actually, Brad had been asleep for hours, too!

Here is Cam's first look at the tree the next morning. See the look of awe in his eyes?
Or was that a glint of mischief. Yup, definitely mischief. He managed to pull off an ornament even though it was tightly attached to the tree limb.
Then he had to investigate under the tree. Or maybe he was just chasing Jasper.
He offered several non-ornament objects to decorate the tree. Like this green ball. He had the right idea...until he started putting koozies & pens in the tree.
Our beautiful Christmas tree, with all new, kid (& cat) approved, shatter-proof ornaments.
The laziest & fattest elf of them all!

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