Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

We went downtown to watch the parade today. Brad was able to take off from work and join us. What a treat!

"Here's looking at you, Mommy!"

Waiting for the parade to start. Where is it?

Still waiting....

Check out those sweet-ass pants & bib I made for Camden! I betcha didn't believe me when I told you I was going to make him some pants! Ha! Brad was pretty jealous, but I didn't have enough material (or know-how) to make him some pants.

My two handsome leprechauns.

Cam racked up on goodies from the parade walkers. He got a grape lollipop, candy, a carnation, coloring pages, beads and other little goodies.

The family portrait. Brad and I both have on green shirts under our coats/sweatshirts.

Me & Dad - I had to coax him out of the car. It was too chilly for his old bones - and my feet.

This is my first cousin William and his daughter, Rachel and granddaugher, Maddie. I think that makes Maddie Camden's 1st cousin twice removed, or else his 2nd cousin, or gee, I have no idea. We'll just say they're cousins and leave it at that! Maddie is 6 months younger than Camden. This was the first time they met. Rachel's mom (William's wife), Rhonda, has a blog, too. You can see their whole family over there.

After the parade, Brad had to go back to work, but Dad and Camden and I headed over to the Picadilly to get some corned beef & cabbage. Camden had some chocolate pudding.

Proof that really am wearing green today:

Camden got mad when I wouldn't let him run back into the mall. He laid down in the floor on his back and just stared at me. Then when I tried to get him up he crumpled at my feet. (Yes, my feet were freezing at the parade and I did regret my decision to wear flip flops!)

Cam had done this a couple of times now so I'm worried he's getting a head start on the terrible twos. It wasn't really a tantrum, because he was crying, just laying on the floor refusing to cooperate. Lord help us all.
I hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's Day!

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

So fun to actually meet you, Camden and your dad yesterday!
Cam and maddie are second cousins once removed. I did a study on cousins once because no one here ever heard of the once removed thing so I had to know how it all worked :-)

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