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Monday, March 22, 2010

Hockey Game

Thursday night I took Camden to the hockey game. Dad joined us and we met up with Amanda, too.
The ever popular Chaos & Ruckus. Cam loves them! He got to meet Ruckus and he was thrilled! He even gave him a high-five and told him bye-bye!
Cam sat in his seat for about 2 minutes.

He spend the rest of the time turned around,
climbing over the seats,
or just generally running amok. Literally. He ran up and down the arena thru the vendors.

At one point I let him climb the stairs to the mezzanine, thinking that would wear him out. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was when he ran over to the railing and threw his sippy cup down!?! Fortunately, it didn't hit anybody in the head and it landed in our section. What a stinker. Thank goodness the season is over!

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