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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Random Phone Pics

These are some random pictures I pulled off my phone.
If you've ever been to New Orleans, I'm sure you're familiar with the Blue Dog. This building along the parade route had a Blue Dog picture painted on it. Cool!

Brad usually puts Camden to bed. I never know what I will find Cam wearing in the morning. Apparently Brad was on a mission to get me to comment on his atrocious outfits. That got increasingly worse until I encountered this one morning.

Last summer we found a baby turtle while jogging around the neighborhood. Cam was not too thrilled with it and was trying to give it back to me.

This is from last summer, too. I think this one is hysterical. He said "LET ME OUT OF HERE!"

Before Christmas, in the $ spot, trying on Snowmen hats.

Trying on a New Year's hat in Walmart. Oh, and he had to have those bandaids because they had Elmo on them. The kid is obsessed with Elmo.

In Lowe's one day.
This kid is too cute for words.
Always trying to be upside down.

Hope you enjoyed these random pics. I just love them.

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