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Monday, January 18, 2010

Backyard fun

We finally had some warmish, beautiful weather the day we left for Vegas. We spent the morning running around the backyard. Don't ask why the swing is turned over like that because I don't know. Seriously, no clue. We have one of those ladderball games that was so fun at the beach when we played with someone else's, and then we bought one and have used it like twice. Then we lost the balls and had to buy new ones, only the new balls only came in one color so we had to put tape on some of them to tell who's who's. Then I lost my jumper cables, but found the old balls while I was tearing up the garage looking for the jumper cables. (I never found them, but trusty ol' Dad gave me a new set for Christmas. I knew he would.) We left the new balls outside for months, and now the nylon rope has broken. Cheap balls. Guess I'm going to have find the old balls again, because I'm sure they're not where I say them last. Anyway, all that to say that Camden loves these balls and loves to carry them around. So that is why he is running around looking like he's armed for a street fight in these pictures. He thought the one pushed up pajama leg would give him street cred. But I really have no explanation for why he is still wearing his heavy duty hippo bib, or why I clearly didn't bother to wipe the chef-boy-r-dee off his face, or even put his shoes on. Gosh, I'm sounding like mother-of-the-year material already!

"You better run, Daddy! I'm gonna get you!"

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