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Thursday, January 14, 2010

RV Decorations in Savannah

Y'all are probably tired of seeing pictures from Savannah since it was over a month ago and I took so many, but we were there for a whole week! These are some from hanging around the campground.

I have no idea what Camden is doing in this picture, but I think it's pretty funny. He may have been trying to reach something on the counter, but it looks like he is licking the cabinet!

I bought Cam some new sneakers with real bottoms in Savannah. He had outgrown his Pedipeds. Here he is checking out his new kicks. He loves them!

Horsing around - Cam loves to be upside down!

Of course I had to decorate for the holidays while we were there. I was surprised we were the only RV in the whole park that decorated. When we go to the Gulf, everybody decorates their trailer. Water was dripping off the awning and that is what Camden is pointing at. He was trying to catch it.

Playing with his new monkey backpack - which he hates & refuses to wear.

Showing our team pride & Christmas spirit!

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