Friday, January 15, 2010

Play Hard, Nap Often

Camden woke up tired yesterday. While we played in his room, he kept laying his head down to rest.
He tripped and landed on the floor, and just decided to stay awhile.

Resting on the ottoman.

Water Break. He went in my bedroom and grabbed this off of my nightstand. Hmm, makes me thirsty for a daiquiri...I especially love this picture because Camden has a cowlick in exactly the same spot as his Daddy!

We finally made it downstairs where he dragged his giant Easter Bunny around. I went upstairs to shower and when I came back down this is how I found him!
This is the first time I can ever recall where he fell asleep anywhere besides his crib, pack n play or car seat! Doesn't that picture just melt your heart?


MamaJamz said...

So, so cute. I LOVE the pic of him asleep on the big bear.

Leslie said...

I just want to squeeze him! I love CAMCAM!!!

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