Thursday, January 14, 2010

Celebrity Stalking!

I stalked a celebrity while we were staying on Tybee Island! No, it wasn't Paula Deen! It was Sandra Bullock! Okay, so she wasn't actually in town (she was promoting her newest movie), but I did stalk her beach house! We went on a trolley tour of Savannah and our tour guide told us that she had a house on TI so of course I had to google it and find out where it was. Turns out, it was less than half a mile from where we were camping!

Side view of Sandra Bullock's Tybee Island beach house.

Gate & Private Drive to Sandra's house.

From the trolley tour I took a picture of the oldest oak tree in Savannah, maybe the state? I just love old oak trees covered in spanish moss. Reminds of when I lived in Baton Rouge.

The famous Waving Girl & her dog statue on the riverwalk.

Dad in the trolley.

Self portrait of me & Cam in the trolley.

Yes, Elmo also went on the tour. It ended up raining really hard while we were touring so we had to stop and pull down the plastic side windows.

To ward off evil spirits, old homes featured windows to look like eyes. This one is supposed to be an owl face.

Okay this is the last batch of Savannah pictures, I promise.

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Diane Willard Kaufman said...

you just let me know when you're coming back to Tybee Island and we'll make sure you can at least take your picture with Paula Deen's life size cut off in front of her fabulous beach rental- Y'all Come Inn. No stalking necessary! Diane with Mermaid Cottages, Tybee Island, GA

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