Tuesday, January 5, 2010

SEC Championship!

These pictures are from the SEC Championship in December. Dad, Cam & I were in Savannah so we did some tailgating of our own! We really enjoyed watching the game in the RV, and we especially enjoyed watching Alabama beat Florida! I thought today would be a good day to post these since we will be cheering for Alabama tonight in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! As a Born & Bred Alabama fan (sorry Tulane!) I cannot tell you how excited I am to watch Alabama play for another National Championship Title! ROLL TIDE!

Camden loved having the tv down on his level. He ran back & forth like a rabid fan shaking those shakers!

Listening to the pre-game predictions...

and the post game analysis & congratulations!

Hard to tell, but the Final Score is on the tv screen (32 - 13). Cheesy, right? This photo op was Dad's idea.

Hey Jennifer at Tales of a Peanut, I think I see you in the stands!

Yes, I know it was wrong, but I could not help laughing at poor Tim Tebow crying over losing the SEC Championship and his shot at the Heisman with it. I think the eleventy billion beers we drank (as evidenced by the many empty beer boxes in the background) might have had something to do with how funny I thought that was. I know, I know, it's not nice to laugh at others misfortune. So let's give a big shout out to the Heisman Trophy Winner: Way to go Mark Ingram!

The rest of the Cheering section: Cam is writing some play notes for Coach Saban.

Dad & Cam are also laughing at Tebow.

Cam loves to watch Alabama football with his Grand Daddy!

We ordered a pizza after the game - Yum!

Cam's calling Lighthouse Pizza back to tell them to bring another pizza...
...cause he ate the first one and didn't share!

After the exciting game, Cam was a little worn out.

"Goodnight Grand Daddy!"

"Goodnight Mommy!"

And here's some pictures of the Cuteness playing with my Boston Red Sox hat. He is slowly warming up to wearing hats. By that I mean he will now leave them on his head for approximately 2.5 seconds before ripping them off. Big Improvement! Ha!

I think he is playing peek-a-boo with his DVD player.
Disclaimer: I know Cam is watching a DVD or tv in every single picture from Savannah, but we really don't let him watch that much tv at home. On this trip we did a lot of adult things that were very fun for Cam so we let him watch the DVD to keep him happy & occupied. I would not have gotten to eat all those delicious meals out if not for Elmo on this trip!

Cute video of Cam giving Grand Daddy kisses (he had just learned how) and playing with the blinds: his absolute favorite Captain Destructo activity in the RV!

Let's all cheer for BAMA tonight! ROLL TIDE ROLL!


Susan @ sarasays said...

Great pictures Melissa!

Anonymous said...

Don't know whether to call this "too much cuteness" or "too much sweetness"...How about just precious!


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