Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Mailbox

Camden is getting so big now that I've been letting him sit at the table for breakfast. Most days he has a banana, blueberries and cheerios for breakfast. He loves to cram in as many cheerios at once as he possibly can.
He has a whole method: fist cram, wipe with back of hand, then palm to get those few strays.
On thursday we did a Valentine craft. I got a paper mache mailbox from Hobby Lobby and covered it with scrapbook paper.
After I covered, Cam helped me color the exposed edges with a pink sharpie.
Then we decorated it with fun stickers and his name.
Of course, no mailbox is complete without mail! I bought several super cute Valentines at the $spot at Target. Can you tell I love Target? That was the worst part of Camden being sick so long - no Target trips! I had to get my fix on a Sunday night when Brad was home with Camden!
I set up the mailbox and a tiny bucket of pencils on a little table that was just the right size for Camden. So far, he has been way more interested in the pencils than the mailbox.
Sorry that picture is blurry, but the kid never stops moving! My next attempt was also a fail, because he attacked the camera!
This video is cute! Camden was "counting" his pencils, and handing them to me one by one.


Grandma Cathy said...

So cute!!! Send More!!!!!!!!!! Loved hearing him talk.
Thanks for making my day! Better get him a valentine card in the mail. You both did a nice job on the mailbox.

Susan @ sarasays said...

Love the mailbox! That paper is too cute.
He can have that forever.
SOOOO cute how he tries to count.
Liking those pencils is not too surprising - stick shaped, eh?

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